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Let's start "for peace", and then we will talk "for health." Our society always blames the woman and the mother. Little time was devoted to the child — a drug addict grew up; much time was devoted to the child — a dependent burdock or maniac grew up. Not so brought up, because she worked hard and the child did not feel mom's love. Or, on the contrary, she caressed so much that she raised a child “for herself”, ruining his life.

Our poor mothers, left alone and with the child after the divorce, are to blame for everything: that Sunday father does not find time for the child, or that he finds, but when he (the former) is comfortable and the mother does not give the bastard mother. Dad’s hard times and child support are impossible to wait, and a mercantile lady is tearing pennies from an unfortunate man (it’s clear, exclusively for herself). Let's be honest, after a divorce, the woman is left alone with the child, stupid men (smart ones can’t think of such a thing) she is now called a “divorced woman with a trailer”, and the “former” themselves proudly carry their big beer belly and the title “enviable bachelor” to the female masses, playing sagging biceps. They are now a tidbit.

Yes, our society always blames the mother for everything, and I fundamentally disagree with this, except for one amendment: I had to think from whom to give birth. We will talk about this in more detail now.

Well, now, as promised, "for health." Our woman dreams of great and great love, of a close-knit family, as in an advertisement for juice: when dad and mom, and child, and everything is flooded with sun. And everything is so beautiful on TV that the female desire “family is the meaning of life” completely turns off the brains, and our girls marry anyone horribly. Come on, it’s just to get married, because it often happens that she gives birth to a child in cohabitation, and now this muddy man, who was not even ready to marry her, forever becomes the father of the child. But this is already the most terrible mistake of all life, because you can divorce your husband, but you can’t change your father’s father. And then the woman wringes her hands and shouts: “I hate the father of my child!”

And what should she answer? Only one thing - you had to think before, and preferably with your head, and not with that very place. So, ladies, let's go through the list of men from whom giving birth to children will be the biggest mistake in life.

1. Infantil

Neither fish, nor meat, nor steal, nor guard, nor earn money, nor sit at home with a child. Such men do not know how to do anything, well, just nothing at all: either repair the crane, repair the bicycle, or cook dinner. The only thing that works well for them is to crack and feed with promises. And the lady who gave birth to such a miracle will drag her husband and child all her life, and if she bucks and divorces, then she will not see child support like her ears. Well, because he was infantile, he’s nonsense ... except that he uploads photos on social networks or writes angry comments under the nickname “anonymous” on women's forums.

2. Bad genes

Do you know what is the worst? If a girl, clever, beautiful and Komsomol member, having caved in under the yoke of “public opinion” - a woman must have a family and children, married a dumb, uneducated outcast with bad teeth, then her child will have half the genes from her dad. I will explain for those who have not yet understood: a beauty and a clever girl can then wake up and divorce a lover of discounts, beer and chanson, but her child will look like a dad, with all the ensuing circumstances.

3. Already married with children

It is only complete idiots who are sure that if her new man has already left one family, and most importantly, a child, then he will behave completely differently with her and their common child. All divorced men say the same thing about their ex-wife: “She was a walking bitch, fixated on money, and now she does not let me communicate with our beloved child of mine! And what is it that I can’t pay child support (I have to understand), but I demand that they give me a child whenever I want, because I’m dad! ” True, "dad" wants to see a child from a previous marriage infrequently, especially while the baby is growing and often sick, and he needs toys and developing centers, tutors and circles. But then, when the child is 18 years old and he will already start working, dad will certainly appear, washing his face with tears of happiness, “I missed you so much, but your mother did not let us communicate.”

4. Married man

From a married man can give birth only a completely self-confident woman, claiming exclusively for the genes of this individual, but certainly not the man himself. If a lady needs a child from an intelligent, successful (but vile) individual, this is her business, but you definitely should not hope for a happy future.

History knows a lot of examples when a married man, without abandoning his family, helps his mistress with his child, but the older the child, the more difficult it is for him to explain where the "noble" father of the family is washed off every night. And then, to the “faithful father of all families”, all this cantanker may simply get bored, and at one fine moment the man will “forget” that he somewhere has a second family.

As wise women say, the main thing is not to marry, it is not even successful to marry, but to think carefully with your head who you are going to give birth to. Because it is precisely in this situation that it will be impossible to change anything later!